Shopper's Delight

SF's Best Shopping in 2011

mira mira best san francisco shopping 2011!

Sung to the tune of “Rapper’s Delight,” by Sugarhill Gang (with some liberties taken — those lyrics are crazy).

We said a hip hop, you don’t stop,
Shopping to the San Fran boutiques, say charge up the credit,
To the card for every new thing you see.

Now what you hear is not a test — we’re shoppin’ to the beat.
And we did choose the best new places to drop cash on every street.
Oakland got some nice new spots, and we’d like to say hello,
to Ali Golden and jewelry from Marisa Haskell and Esqueleto.

Curve boutique came to Fillmore, and Cotelac did, too.
Bringing high-end threads and Frenchy love; from Parris, we heart you.
Vermillion Graham gives us a hand when we need vintage stuff,
And, Reliquary, you make us merry; we just can’t get enough.

Sui Generis is such a deal — designer styles all for a steal.
Mira Mira, it is so clear-a, your style is so real.

We could go on ’n on ’n on on ’n on …

Photo: Courtesy of Mira Mira