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Eating Right Tips for New Moms

virginia watkins eat right tips!

Sure, you could try to survive on all the sushi, lattes, and stinky cheese you had to forsake these past ten months.

But to make the New Year as healthy and delicious as your newborn, we asked local nutritionist (and trained-in-France foodie) Virginia Watkins for tips on eating right.

Protein is the breakfast of champion nurturers. Try one to two pastured or organic eggs with steamed spinach or arugula; organic or hormone-free sausage with baked sweet potato and coconut oil; or organic whole milk plain yogurt with blueberries and toasted almond slivers.

Plan to eat every three hours. Pack nuts and fruit to go.

Drink fluids all day. Keep water at your nursing station, desk, and in your car. Use a water bottle with a straw so you can sip while nursing. Increase plain water’s appeal by drinking it at room temperature or adding a splash of juice. If that gets old, try sparkling water or herbal tea with nettles.

Caffeine and alcohol can spike blood sugar levels and inhibit nutrient absorption, but if you can’t nix the urge, have them alongside good fats or protein. Go ahead and put cream or whole milk in your coffee, or drink it with breakfast. Choose wine with dinner rather than a cocktail before it.

To replenish the calcium your baby is taking from your body, try almond butter, broccoli, and dark leafy greens. Or cook chicken soup in a slow cooker using the bones.

Eat meat. Meat is rich in B vitamins and iron, which will put the wind in your sails. If you’re vegetarian, make a contract with yourself to go back to it once your baby has weaned.

Until then, bon appétit.

For more information about Virginia Watkins, go to vwnutrition.com; private nutritional coaching starts at $65.

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