Minolya's Organic and Sustainable Fashion

Green Never Looked So Good


One more striped sweater and you’ll officially go overboard.

Reel in your obsession with Minolya, a line from Mina Yazdi and Olga Dzilikhova that answers SF’s need for wearable high fashion.

Self-taught designer Dzilikhova’s first creation was a dress she always dreamed of; the remaining collection sets sail with high-style basics (a Pantone tangerine tulip skirt, leather-front sweater, and stunning tweed coat) and a few showstoppers (floor-length denim skirt and gala-ready dresses).

From a chic office in Union Square, the duo operates a nearly 100 percent sustainable business, producing designs made in San Francisco from organic and sustainable cotton, silk, wool, and denim. Even their telephone and bank needs are certified green.

We ship you not.

To set an appointment or make a custom order ($300-$2,200), go to minolya.com.

Photos: Drew Altizer / Courtesy of Minolya