2012 Health and Wellness Guide

The Fitness Dream Team


No less than three weeks into the year and you’re already requesting a sub. Here, our team of experts to keep you off the sidelines in 2012.

The Coach(es)
Certified health coach Lacy Young and With Style & Grace blogger Lisa Thiele know the importance of teamwork. Their three-month Group Health Coaching promises to change your relationship to food and shake up your diet ($299). Biweekly phone check-ins keep your eyes on the prize.

The Cheerleader
Whatever you sent down your gullet over the holidays is still lurking. Flush the mush with Can Can Cleanse’s new All-Seasons Pass (four three-day cleanses and a tote bag), complete with founder Teresa Piro’s positive reinforcement. The first to tweet @candysanfran and @cancancleanse gets one free — herkie to that.

The Massage Therapist
Get your head in the game. Thy Pham Desogos (a.k.a. the Brazilian expert) transfers her powers above the belt in the form of energy healing facials ($200). Her standard (and amazing) facial uses a combination of Reiki, Quantum-Touch, aromatherapy, shamanic healing, and intuition to clear chakras and create balance like never before. As of February, check out Desogos’s new digs at 500 Sutter Street, suite 601.

The Nutritionist
Let Phoebe Schilla (owner of Studio of Good Living) fill your cupboards with premium fuel. Thanks to pantry reorganization and wellness excursions (pedicures are involved), her weekly classes keep you balanced and well fed. Get on track in Light and Healthy Cuisine, where you’ll learn the secrets to a good low-fat vinaigrette and a quinoa pilaf.

The Trainer
A team is only as good as its locker room. Ensure peace and harmony with feng shui expert Judy Fritz’s home visits, which tap into relationship, career, and health imbalances. She’ll even do a personal clearing if you’re feeling especially icky.

You’ll be a star player in no time.

Photo: Annabelle Breakey / Getty Images

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