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Be the Boss at U-Sushi

Customized Sushi on Market

u-sushi san francisco!

If Bossypants is your bible (and it should be), then you’ll want to kiss us on the mouth for this one: U-Sushi opens tomorrow.

Be head honcho at the sleek space on Market Street, where custom sushi rules and what you say goes.

Dr. Seuss would appreciate the one-fish, two-fish, and vegetarian pricing options. From there, close to 40 choices are entirely up to you: seaweed versus soy paper; white or brown rice; and top-quality fish and shellfish, veggies, garnishes, and dressings.

Rolls (spicy tuna, California, dragon) are available, along with soups, salads, and sides, if you feel like delegating.

In less than a minute, an expert chef, with the help of robots, rolls and slices your creation into its bite-size glory and sends you on your merry way.

Like a boss.

U-Sushi, 525 Market Street, at 1st Street (415-543-7655 or u-sushi.com).

Photo: Ben Conley / Courtesy of U-Sushi

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525 Market St
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San Francisco, CA 94105