2012 SF Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Give Him/Her That Loving Feeling

fat bunny press!

Roses are red but so unoriginal.
Here are some gifts for those not so single.

Remède Spa’s candlelit massage with four hands, not two,
Is double the pleasure for you and your boo.

Pen sweet nothings on pooch-approved cards,
Or leave your heart in SF — it isn’t that hard.

She’s the sweetest, so gift her right,
With candy necklaces (nary a calorie in sight).

Give him your heart and let love grow,
Or wear it on a tote wherever you go.

Feel punch-drunk love with Leafcutter’s box.
Or fall head over heels at a cottage on the rocks.

If you’re sucking face one week from tonight,
Make sure you’re prepared with a kit from Type.lites.

We’ve also got options for folks going solo,
Like True Romance at Jasper’s for Monday night’s show.

Meet new friends at Archimedes Banya,
Coed bathing, scrub downs, and get whacked with some platza.

Demand affection with a case from a Dodo.
Or make a date with a yenta — you just never know.

Read on for more Valentine’s Day ideas that make us weak in the knees.

Photo: Courtesy of Fat Bunny Press