Argoz Socks Launches

Get on the Good Foot

argoz socks!

Argyle: no longer relegated to Grandpa, terrible pajamas, and baby sweater vests.

Argoz puts a sock in subtle with a newly launched line dedicated to dandifying your feet.

Punch up cropped trousers or add schoolgirl sass to skirts with calf- and knee-high styles made from comfy cotton and a healthy dose of stretch. Sixteen color combos beg for attention: Pastel Arthur pairs nicely with flats, go with bold SoMa and your skivvies, or tap into the tangerine trend with Tomato Bisque or Happy Hour’s dead-on hues.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up — in fact, disparity is encouraged by the company’s catchphrase “Rockin’ the Stevens,” heralding mismatched but coordinated socks. Pairs marked with an S reverse to a corresponding set with the opposite base and diamond colors for eccentric fashion only an ankle could pull off.

So shake a leg.

Available online at argoz.com, $15-$18.

Photo: Courtesy of Argoz