Take the Playhouse Outside, Kids

Modern Playhouse's Dacha Playhouse Set

dacha playhouse set!

Parenthood has introduced you to some unlikely bedfellows. Quiet time and dance parties. Vegetables and dessert.

But the mythical combination of plastic and good design has eluded you until now. Modern Playhouse’s new Dacha Playhouse Set shares the same clean lines, rounded windows, and airy feel as the San Francisco company’s sleek wooden houses. The difference lies in the easy-to-clean, recycled plastic that’s strong enough to withstand rain, sun, mud pies, and poster paint.

Your playhouse arrives flat-packed with a table, two stools, and a window box. After a 15-minute, no-tools-needed assembly, it’s ready to host messy gardening projects, rambunctious games of hide ‘n’ seek, and even al fresco tea parties.

It’s so pretty, you’ll want it stationed in the yard right outside your window. To be enjoyed by all — inside and out.

Available at modern-playhouse.com, $1450. Through February 29, enter code dailycandy20 for twenty percent off your purchase.

Photo: Pamela Palma Photography / Courtesy of Modern Playhouse

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