3-D Facial at Dermaplus Skin + Body

The Next Level of Beauty

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If Titan, Genesis, and Limelight sound like inhabitants of a sci-fi universe, you’re half right — their ability to beautify your skin is out of this world.

The supernatural monikers refer to laser treatments utilized by skin sanctuary Dermaplus Skin + Body.

Its 3-D Laser Facial combines the powers of Titan therapy (tightens facial and neck muscles with infrared light), Laser Genesis (eliminates lines, stimulates collagen and cell production, tightens pores, and plumps skin with gentle heat), and IPI Laser (lifts pigment, eliminates redness, and clears mottled complexions via pulsed light therapy) for total facial rejuvenation. Team it with owner Julie Crispo-Rossetti’s nourishing facial and medical aesthetics nurse Nancy Valerio’s skills and guidance, and you’re set for stellar skin.

Full disclosure? We never made it to the third dimension (IPI Laser therapy requires skin that hasn’t worshiped the sun), but from our radiating glow and taut cheeks, we’re not sure we (or you) have to.

Beam us up.

Available at Dermaplus Skin + Body, 1728 Union Street, between Gough and Octavia Streets, suite 200 (415-885-6192 or dermaplussf.com).

Photo: Stigur Karisson / Getty Images

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