Sarah Seven Opens on Geary

Wedding Dresses, Party Frocks, and More

sarah seven!

Dearly beloved,

We are gathered here today to witness the union of Sarah Seven and San Francisco in this joyful shop on Geary Boulevard.

Sarah, you come from your native Portland to start a new life in San Francisco (and aside from the flagship there, open your only stand-alone boutique). You bring the whole of your current bridal line into this commitment, plus popular numbers from the permanent collection. Dote on fall 2012 designs (like a full-skirt ball gown and ’30s-inspired sparkly number) in the attached studio.

This is a progressive unification with multiple parties: Mrs. Black — Seven’s line of party dresses — brings the kitten to this relationship through gorgeous fabrics, short silhouettes, and the iconic bustier; new accessories, jewelry, and cover-ups make loving bedfellows (come April).

Your future in this shop is bright, with beaded fixtures, mirrored vanities, a tufted vintage couch, and onyx walls.

You may now fit the brides.

Sarah Seven, 3138 Geary Boulevard, between Cook and Spruce Streets (503-801-5650 or sarahseven.com). To make an appointment, email sarah.seven@yahoo.com.

Photo: Aubrie Pick for DailyCandy

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3138 Geary Blvd
bt Cook & Spruce Sts
San Francisco, CA 94118