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future fortified!

It’s frustrating when your little chowhound won’t touch anything green.

Status update: Obsessing about your kiddo’s food intake on Facebook is a first-world problem. More than 170 million children in the developing world suffer from chronic malnutrition.

Future Fortified, a campaign of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, is working to change that. It’s pledged to help 20 million women and children by the year 2017.

But this is no ordinary make-a-donation-and-you’re-done charity; Future Fortified invests in building sustainable marketplaces that produce, market, and distribute nutritional packets to moms and kids. So families in need have the resources to help them long-term.

How can you help? A webshop filled with onesies ($19), bibs ($14), and totes ($24) designed to raise awareness and get people talking (yes, in this instance, we endorse using your kids as billboards) launches today. And the folks behind it are asking you to make some noise — take to Facebook and Twitter and educate your networks about the malnutrition crisis.

As for the broccoli standoff at your kitchen table — this is definitely more (ful)filling.

For more information, go to futurefortified.org.

Photo: Courtesy of Future Fortified