Get Your Nails Did by AstroWifey

The Chicago artist's intricate designs deserve a hand

astrowifey nail art!

We hate pointing fingers.

Unless, of course, they’re tricked out with designs by AstroWifey (a.k.a. Ashley Crowe).

In her Jefferson Park apartment-cum-studio, the artist paints intricately detailed patterns on your digits.

AstroWifey got her start as a painter, so her creativity knows no bounds. Thumb through her vast book of work, or tell her what you want and she’ll do it. (Our favorite of all time: pop art nails, featuring everything from Warhol bananas to Lichtenstein eyes).

Well versed in nail care (she’s worked at several salons), she uses professional products (OPI, Essie, vegan brands). A special drying station sets your polish in mere minutes.

The best part? If she uses CND Shellac Power Polish, her masterpieces stay put (and shiny) for weeks.

We’ve gotta hand it to her.

To schedule an appointment, call 773-241-4120 or email astrowifey@yahoo.com. For more information, go to astrowifey.wordpress.com.

Photo: Courtesy of AstroWifey