Mow Rake Sow Ecofriendly Lawn Services

Where the grass really is greener

mow rake sow!

Earth Day approaches: It’s time to show Mother Gaia some love.

There’s no better way to say “thanks for your life-sustaining properties” than with new ecominded landscaping service Mow Rake Sow.

Owner Dan Goshin and his team use electric equipment that emits 3,300 times less hydrocarbons and 5,000 times less CO2 than gas alternatives. And to conserve water, they’re partial to planting drought-resistant vegetation and succulents.

Customized yard scapes range from native plants (agave, sage) and privacy hedges to beautiful blooms (lavender, westringia) and happy little trees that would make Bob Ross proud.

For upkeep, the maintenance menu offers weekly and biweekly visits, seasonal cleanup, and indoor plant care, among other options.

Don’t just consider it. Planet.

Mow Rake Sow (310-849-7343 or mowrakesow.com). Rates start at $35 per week.

Photo: Courtesy of Mow Rake Sow