A Spring Garden How-To

You look a little green

garden guide!

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
In Seattle, it seems the gardener’s dream
Is organic compost, rainwater, the help of a pro,
And heirloom seeds planted all in a row.

Beginners should (green) thumb through Food Grown Right, in Your Backyard ($16), the new tome from Seattle Urban Farm Company founders Colin McCrate and Brad Halm. The book answers questions and offers helpful tips on topics like patio garden design and veggie selection.

Flavor Saver
Herb gardens sprout with a serious starter kit from Seattle Seed Company. The Organic Herb Garden Collection ($18) contains Genovese basil, chamomile, bouquet dill, sweet marjoram, Italian parsley, creeping thyme, and more. 

House Party
Hoping to increase the size of your harvest? Bees can help. Get them buzzing with a sweet Mason Bee House ($30) from Andrew’s Reclaimed. Made from recycled wood, the locally crafted boxes attract prudent pollinators by replicating the natural nesting conditions favored by the orchard mason species.

Chick Magnet
Grant your mother cluckers a housing upgrade courtesy of Bothell-based Kippen House. The mod, semicustomizable coop features a roomy run and a roof that doubles as a raised bed for the garden.

The Help
Whip that mossy mess of a yard into shape with sage advice from a garden consultant at Seattle Tilth. During a one- to two-hour walk-through ($225-$300; each additional hour, $75), the landscape pros help with plant identification, garden planning, pruning advice, transitioning to organic gardening, and resource conservation.

So you can reap what you sow.

Photo: Hilary Dahl / Courtesy of Mountaineer Books