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Vive la Tarte's Sweet and Savory Pies

Belgian tarts from two expats

vive la tarte!

You speak French (in the openmouthed kissing kind of way), but Belgian is another tongue entirely.

Oh, they speak French, too? No matter: Educate your palate with sweet and savory pies by Vive la Tarte.

The founders, couple and Belgium natives Julie Vandermeersch and Arnaud Goethals, translate recipes from Julie’s great aunts (prolific tart makers and cookbook authors) with seasonal, organic ingredients and modern interpretations.

Savory quiches (Swiss, brie, blue, and goat; endive and smoked ham; asparagus and goat cheese) speak to tradition, while sweet pies articulate contemporary tastes. Hazelnut tarts whisper subtle volumes with vanilla pastry cream, creme fraiche, and crushed nougatine. San Francisco cheesecake is a light, fluffy rephrasing of its New York counterpart, made with Italian meringue and a cinnamon-ginger cookie crust.

Chocolate cake and mousse parlay their homeland’s popular export into equally well-received desserts.

Get fluent.

Available by sending a direct message to @tarte on Twitter (48 hours’ notice required), $15-$34. Deliveries happen Monday and Friday, 3-7 p.m. For more information, go to vivelatarte.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Vive la Tarte