Martel Clothing Launches

Minimal wear, maximum style


You’re well studied in the ways of ombre and practically earned a Ph.D. in floral-meets-stripe theory.

It’s simpler takes on summer wear that have you drawing a blank.

Prepare to be schooled by Antonia Martel and Brian Jaramillo, the minimalist designers behind just-launched NYC-based line Martel.

Their debut collection, done mostly in white, is smartly designed to breeze through any setting, country, or time of day. Take notes on the pair’s old-man-style button-downs with gauzy, see-through panels; backless shift dresses; and fluttery georgette tanks sprinkled with tiny aqua polka dots. A linen A-line top gets high marks as a coveted layering piece.

And the duo earns extra credit for sourcing fabrics from Europe, Australia, and Japan, then crafting garments in their own self-run production house in the Philippines.

They’ve mastered the art of the class act.

Available online at martelnyc.com, $99-$795.

Photos: Courtesy of Martel