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100%Gumdrop launches initial necklaces

100% gumdrop!

Doesn’t matter how many pairs of greige harem pants you buy your daughter, once she discovers jewelry, your gender-neutral dreams will disappear faster than Ariel costumes at Halloween.

It’s nature. Or at least it was for Sarah Litt Cole, who started designing accessories for Henri Bendel in sixth grade (remember braided ribbon barrettes?). Her latest venture, 100%Gumdrop, marks a return to her adolescent roots after a career in graphic design and advertising.

Or maybe it’s nurture? Cole’s necklaces are decidedly design driven with careful attention paid to both copy and font. When the collection launched last year, the most popular necklaces had words like cute, superstar, and awesome in expressive typeface.

But it’s the addition of single-letter charms that got us thinking about jewelry for the littlest of Liz Taylors-in-training. The simple initials — sterling silver dipped in gold — fit the my-first-necklace bill to a T.

Or an L. Or a B. Or a C.

Available at gumdroplovesyou.com, $30-$80.

Photo: Courtesy of 100%Gumdrop