Editor's Pick: Birds and Blooms by Dutch Door Press

birds and blooms!

Back when I was college hunting, my Long Island mother told me I couldn’t go farther than North Carolina — and that’s exactly where I went.

We’re practically in the same city now, but if I were still a plane ride away, I’d send her one of SF-based Dutch Door Press’s prints of the New York state bird (the Eastern bluebird) and flower (rose) to let her know my roots run deep. Each is numbered as part of a limited-edition run, making it an extra special treat.

So whether mother dearest is nearby (California Valley quail and California poppy), settled down in New Mexico (greater roadrunner and yucca), or cross-country in Virginia (cardinal and flowering dogwood), show her you’ve got hometown pride. — Jillian, editorial production coordinator

Available at etsy.com, $15.

Photo: Courtesy of Dutch Door Press