Deer Limited-Edition Jewelry Launches

Buck up your jewelry box

deer limited-edition jewelry!

The Downey-Johansson-Ruffalo-Renner juggernaut has the box office by the you-know-whats, but we’re banking on a more subtle team.

Deer, an exclusive new jewelry collaboration, joins the style superpowers of Yves Saint Laurent jewelry designer Annie Costello Brown and Des Kohan boutique owner Desiree Kohan.

Worn apart, together, or in segments (a white snakeskin and metal necklace detaches into a respective choker and bracelet), each design in the twenty-piece-and-counting collection puts up a unified aesthetic front while achieving its own one-of-a-kind appeal.

Multistrand leather necklaces threaded with brass tubes are the Incredible Hulk of chic, while a statement-making metal bullet choker is Thor-oughly rad.

Some Iron Man done you wrong? Strap on a cobra snakeskin belt to show him what he’s missing.

Because revenge is a dish best served well accessorized.

Available at Des Kohan, 671 South Cloverdale Avenue, between Wilshire Boulevard and Sixth Street, Mid-Wilshire (323-857-0200 or deskohan.com), $125 and up.

Photo: Courtesy of Des Kohan

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671 S Cloverdale Ave
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