Grouper Online Dating Launches in SF

Three's company


Pack mentality. Peter Pan syndrome. Crippling fear of intimacy.

You’ve blamed the dearth of real-life first dates in this city on many things.

Embrace the scene by signing up with Grouper: The online service calls it like it is by setting up three-on-three group dates between sets of friends.

Apply through Facebook (your secret is safe with them, not your entire feed). Upon acceptance, expert matchmakers analyze your profile, friends, and photos to pair you with an eligible boo based on personality, interests, education, and age.

Once your comparably tremendous counterpart is found, Grouper puts a weeknight drink at a place like Jones, Local Edition, Farmerbrown, or Chambers on the calendar. Rally two of your more eligible and impressive associates, prepay $20 each (which covers the first round, plus tax, tip, and the table), then see what happens.

Because if three’s company, six may be true love.

Sign up online at joingrouper.com.

Photo: Moodboard / Getty Images