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6 Bike Delivery Services We Love

Call on these pedal pushers

rewinery bike delivery!

Summa, summa, summatime.

Despite Will’s jazzy lyrics, we know what approaches: blankets of fog and a chill colder than a witch’s teat. Hole up and get the necessities delivered to your door by these locals on wheels.

Wine Not
Dilemma: The Bordeaux runs dry before you queue up the DVR. Depending on the monthly deal, Rewinery delivers a single (short film) or three-pack (triple feature) of boutique wines in about an hour (’til 11 p.m.), so things stay sexy through the closing credits. If you’re not thrilled with your selection, you get a free bottle in its place.

Banh in the Oven
If breakfast is the most important meal and Mom wants you home for dinner, what’s one to do in between? Email Jessica Nguyen of Banh Mi Love You Long Time, who brings traditional Vietnamese sandwiches (curry spice chicken, slow-cooked pulled pork, vegan curry tofu) to your hungry paws.

Ring the Butler
We would rather suffer through, ahem, a migraine than brave the store circa 6 p.m. Room Service is stronger than we, navigating the (pharmacy, liquor, hardware, pet) store for you. Think of the Inner Sunset outfit as your personal concierge, at the ready with any request from munchies to Midol.

Hoagies and Grinders
This isn’t lunch lady land, but Deli Board’s Adam Mesnick turns SoMa into foot-long central with 1058 Hoagie. Numbered sammiches (Nos. 4 chicken salad, 5 New York smoked salmon, and 7 turkey and artichoke spread) are stacked on weeknights (delivery within an accommodating radius).

Hey, Mr. Postman
Cutbacks at USPS have left you pining for your favorite letter bearer. One-up him with Postmates, which picks up and delivers anything you can think of (within reason) in the city limits in two hours or less via a handy app. Get sweet on them: It’s also the go-to carrier for American Cupcake and That Takes the Cake.

Bring on the Blooms
Being a recluse gets dreary. Liven things up with a sustainable bouquet by the ecominded ladies at Farmgirl Flowers, who source blossoms from within 200 miles of SF. Order before noon, and you’ll be swaddled in buds by 5 p.m. (for an additional fee).

Photo: TCB / Courtesy of Rewinery