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Culture Kitchen's Culinary Explorer Kits

International cuisine, delivered

culture kitchen!

The Indian place knows your phone number, and the Thai lady is giving you dating advice.

Maybe it’s time to change up your takeout routine.

Order in with Culture Kitchen’s DIY ethnic food. The conveniently packed meal boxes from the local culinary school run by Jennifer Lopez (not that one) and Abby Sturges take the guesswork out of global cuisines.

Monthly shipments include international recipes (featuring a different country or region, like Thailand, Iraq, or Western India), pantry items, elusive ingredients, and a handy shopping list for fresh produce and proteins. A thorough guidebook makes cooking foolproof with a primer on the chef, his or her country of origin and its secrets (which fish sauce makes epic pad thai), a menu timeline, instructions and accompanying photos, and even links to online videos.

Dabble with a one- or three-month starter, or go full steam ahead with a year’s subscription.

No need to shoot the messenger.

Available at culturekitchen.com, $35-$360.

Photo: Bowerbird Photography / Courtesy of Culture Kitchen