Nesting Instinct: Chispum Decals

Wall stickers we're handing over


Decorating with decals is harder than it looks. But we’re not writing them off just yet.

We’re rethinking them, thanks to Chispum.

The Spanish company’s whimsical hand-drawn designs seem like a new idea in decals — not something for parents to put up on the wall in lieu of art, but something kids can use to feather their own nests.

For years we’ve told our littles to keep their stickers off the walls, so imagine their excitement when we handed over a few Chispum decals and gave them free reign. We found a two-inch heart atop the play table and another beside the bed.

In a word: love.

Available at chispum.com, $25 and up.

Photo: Courtesy of Chispum