HabitatDesign.com Launches

Online landscape design at your fingertips

habitat design!

Another weekend gone, and that slice of yard/deck/patio you’re paying astronomical rent for is still a barren wasteland.

Kick-start your green thumb with HabitatDesign.com — the just-launched site offers landscape design for smaller plots and urban areas up to 1,000 square feet.

Landscape designer Jessy Berg and merchandising/marketing guru Bonnie Gemmell join forces in familiar territory (they both survived and thrived during the first tech boom) to create an easy-as-an-herb-garden site that takes you through the design consultation process in ten clickable steps.

Choose your style (modern), palette (cool), plants (Mediterranean), and any extras (an arbor, perhaps?). A custom plan with schematic design, materials, plants, and lighting list (if you so desire) arrives within five business days. Go wild with decor options in the online store (we’re pining for an Urbanfire pit).

Run to the nearest contractor (they can recommend one) or opt for a DIY project.

Either way, a victory (garden) is yours.

Available at habitatdesign.com, $299-$599.

Photo: Courtesy of Habitat Design