App-y Day: Chalk Walk

A fun way to improve fine motor movement

chalk walk!

Teaching your little scribe to properly hold a crayon takes patience and control — on both your parts.

Get a grip with Chalk Walk, an app that does the job through fun graphics and fine motor movement practice. It was imagined by a Chicago schoolteacher who noticed that the finger motions that minimize and expand iPhone and iPad screens were the same needed to practice the pincer grip.

The learning begins as animated characters (kitties, bakers, dolls, robots) flit across the screen, leaving trails for kiddos to follow. Your child’s task is to capture two dots with her thumb and pointer finger, bring them together, and keep them steady to follow the trail as it loops, twists, and curves to conclusion. As she finishes each trail, letters appear and form words.

The more screens unlocked, the more challenging the scenario. But chances are your kindergarten prep star will be having too much fun to notice.

Consider it a write of passage.

Available at itunes.apple.com, $3.

Photo: Courtesy of Mrs. Judd’s Games