Swoon for First Rite's Spring 2012 Collection

Western-inspired separates

first rite!

When it comes to your wardrobe, everything has to be just right. Right?

Try on First Rite — the line designer Nikki Garcia launched out of her home studio in the Mission. Since 2011, Garcia has impressed us with her sewn wearables.

Her spring 2012 collection, available in stores now, feels so right, with a softer look than past designs (read: covetable in every way). We’ve counted the days since seeing her Western-inspired lookbook for the styles to hit, so to say we’re clamoring is an understatement.

Playful, mix-and-match pieces show off a clean, neutral palette: cropped tops, high-waisted trousers, blouson shorts, and midi skirts in subtle patterns accented with dark layering. A bolo tie is optional but strongly encouraged.

Boyish elements mixed with glimpses of skin make for a flattering juxtaposition.

Rite on.

Select styles available at Voyager, 365 Valencia Street, between 14th and 15th Streets (415-779-2712 or thevoyagershop.com), $120-$320. To see styles, go to firstriteclothing.com.

Photos: Anthony Masters / Courtesy of First Rite

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365 Valencia St
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San Francisco, CA 94103