Whole Body Tonic's Holistic Approach

Myofascial and craniosacral treatments in the Dogpatch

whole body tonic holistic massages!

Nell Waters is like the massage therapist version of the Dos Equis man — smooth, intriguing, and effective. Previously solo, she’s teamed with craniosacral expert Gina DeBarnardo for her latest venture, Whole Body Tonic. In honor of their head-to-toe approach, here’s the rundown — by body part.

Heart: Waters’s work is everything you want a massage to be but usually isn’t. Firm and concentrated pressure nullifies knots and relieves strains, with commitment to overall well-being. Swoon.

Nerves: They share the urban retreat of a space (exposed brick, dark wood floors, calming colors) with Acupuncture Kitchen, making it a one-stop alternative medicine shop.

Forearms: Waters pays special attention to the overworked (yet oft overlooked) extension of your furiously typing fingers. Hidden tension is released, letting connected neck and back strains relax.

Baby bump: A doula for five years, Waters specializes in providing the same level of relief for future mamas.

Gluteus maximus: Get your ass over there.

Whole Body Tonic, 2325 3rd Street, at 20th Street, suite 4r-70 (415-531-7184 or whole-body-tonic.com).

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2325 3rd St
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