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Botanical Bakery's Transcendental Cookies

Zen-inducing, artisanal treats

botanical bakery!

Gwyneth and Beyoncé walk into a spa.

B: Ahhh. Finally, a spa day. We deserve this.

G: Totally. Cupping?

B: Check. Colon cleanse?

G: Che-heck. Aromatherapy cookies?

B: Wait, what? Did I miss an email?

G: Nah, I’m keeping this one to myself. Made by the founder of Napa’s Botanical Bakery, these tea cookies use high-quality flowers, herbs, and spices to induce calm, in-the-moment living. They’re also completely addictive.

B: But I thought we weren’t consuming processed foods this week.

G: [stuffs face with cookie] They’re made by hand with Straus Creamery butter and organic sugars and flours.

B: Hmm. I do need new Tumblr fodder.

G: The flavors are heavenly: peppermint cacao, lavender, and lemon thyme. Basically, Zen in cookie form.

B: [takes a bite] Mmm. And here I thought they’d taste like goop.

Available at Whole Foods Market, 450 Rhode Island Street, at 17th Street; at botanicalbakery.com, $2.25-$12.50. Enter code iheartdailycandy at checkout for 15 percent off through July 15.

Photo: Jack Borlongan / Courtesy of Botanical Bakery

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