Insects at Home by Lisa Wood

Dioramas to die for

lisa wood insect dioramas!

We’ve racked up valuable life lessons from Pixar: Monsters in the closet aren’t as they appear, even robots get lonely, and a house can float with enough balloons.

Proving a bug’s life isn’t so bad after all are artist Lisa Wood’s fantastical dioramas displaying real insects in re-creations of human life.

In her painstakingly arranged scenes using props both natural (leaves and pinecones) and artificial (tiny books, microscopes, and chess sets), wasps and butterflies hold tea parties, while a grasshopper dries clothes on a line. Tarantulas deliver packages, and ants enjoy listening to the radio.

Even insectophobes who shriek at the sight of creepy crawlers might be surprised just how alluring the little arthropods can be.

So don’t be buggin’.

Available at Paxton Gate, 824 Valencia Street, between 19th and 20th Streets (415-824-1872 or paxtongate.com), $300-$700. To see the full collection, go to flickr.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Lisa Wood

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824 Valencia St
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