Edgy, Architectural Pieces from Fathom & Form

They'll poke your eye out

fathom & form jewelry!

Telltale signs of arm party overindulgence: lethargic, pale forearms and wrist trysts you barely remember.

Stick to a single statement piece from Fathom & Form, a debut accessories line from designers Christopher Baas and Carleigh Wamberg.

Futuristic angles and reinterpreted kaleidoscopic shapes make up the bulk of the San Francisco-based company’s twenty-piece collection (cast by Shapeways), which includes a mix of tough-looking rings (double diamond or coffin) and bib necklaces that cause a stir when draped against a plain collar or neckline.

Baas and Wamberg share a passion for the mechanics of construction, and each of their sterling silver and fourteen-karat gold-plated creations — which are made stateside — is a meticulously layered standalone stunner.

Consider them insurance against Stackholm syndrome.

Available at Fiat Lux, 218 Church Street, at Market Street (415-312-8413 or fiatluxsf.com); Circle & Square, 344 Presidio Avenue, at Sacramento Street (415-409-3440 or circleandsquaresf.com), $140-$1,000. For more information, go to fathomandform.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Fathom & Form

218 Church St
@ Market St
San Francisco, CA 94114
344 Presidio Ave
@ Sacramento St
San Francisco, CA 94115