Fabric Necklaces from Vintage Tees

A new home for old band shirts

julia vasic jewelry!

You’re so green you can separate your food waste from your liberal guilt with one hand holding a reusable tote.

But Julia Vasic can do it all in style.

The SF designer upcycles tees, turning them into a fourteen-piece line of surprisingly chic necklaces and bracelets with a clean, modern aesthetic.

Vasic combines soft (black, white, and pastel reclaimed shirts) and hard (gold chains and plates) to produce her sophisticated twist on friendship bracelets and crocheted collars. Standouts include the Sunny in cream (with an organic hemp tie), Melissa in pink (strands gathered in a knot with gold plates), and Joanna (a single-knotted strand with delicate double gold chain).

Want something more customized? She can transform a beloved tee into a statement piece.

One that says “reduce, reuse, be crafty.”

Available at juliavasic.com, $40-$80.

Photo: Courtesy of Julia Vasic