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FabKids personalized clothing club

fabkids personalized clothing club!

We try to live by a less-is-more philosophy. Less clutter. Less snacking. Less TV.

But when it comes to our daughters’ wardrobes, we can’t help but want more. And more. And more.

Which is why we subscribe to FabKids, a new personalized clothing service for girls ages 2 to 8. The team (including vets from the likes of Tea Collection, Old Navy, and Gap) has created an on-trend line only for subscribers.

Start by taking a personality quiz with/for your daughter to create a style profile. Based on the information you provide, three-piece outfit combinations are emailed your way each month. Either choose what’s sent, browse other pairings, or say “no, thanks” and skip the month.

FabKids designs with active girls in mind, so all of the pieces are meant to go from school to recess and back home again. The site keeps track of what you buy so as not to suggest something you already have, and because collections (everything from tops and bottoms to accessories) work together, you can mix and match new things with previous purchases.

See? More is more.

Available at fabkids.com, $50 per month; gift subscriptions, $50-$250. Get 20 percent off your first order when you use code DAILYCANDY20 at checkout.

Photo: Courtesy of FabKids