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Good Eggs Grocery Delivery for Locavores

Farm-to-table goes high-tech

good eggs online marketplace!

Bad eggs: Veruca Salt, Benedict Arnold, Kim Jong-il.

Good Eggs: Alon Salant and Rob Spiro, founders of the online-shopping-meets-farm-fresh-food site that delivers.

Combining what the Bay Area does best (tech and local food), Good Eggs is part marketplace (find everything from gluten-free bread to a haunch of humane pork), part social media site (interact with the people growing your food), and part blog (get exclusive recipes from Alice Waters and find a farmers market).

Order goods straight from the source — such as sustainable salmon from I Love Blue Sea, Blue Bottle coffee, produce care of Luke’s Local, sausages and charcuterie from Harley Richter Meats, and made-to-order meals for your bundle of joy from Big Dipper Baby Food.

Can’t find your zip code? The service will soon operate throughout the city and set up convenient pickup spots in the interim.

We’re glad this small business came out of its shell.

Available at goodeggs.com.

Photos: Courtesy of Good Eggs