Nesting Instinct: An Enchanted Forest

Andrika King opens her little black book

nesting instict!

When your 3-year-old client’s design demands include purple and animals, it’s going to take some magic to pull her room together.

So designer Andrika King waved her wand to transform a baby nursery into a big-girl enchanted forest. Pulling inspiration from classic European fairy tales, King utilized every inch of the small room (a hand-drawn mural, forward-facing bookshelves, corner shelves above the bed, and a daybed to function as a couch during playtime) to create a sweet retreat.

nesting instict!

Designer tip: King made the changeover quickly (this transformation took two days) so her client was too excited by her new surroundings to even miss her crib.

Cottage bed, at bradshawkirchofer.com, price on request.
Rug, at
starkcarpet.com, price on request.
Deer light, at
ferm-living.com, $80.
Rose Checker canvas pillows, at
hableconstruction.com, $91-$125.
Duvet cover, at
rhbabyandchild.com, $189.
Inke leaf decals, at
supernice.co.uk, $31.

Photos: Courtesy of Andrika King