"Motherland," by Amy Sohn

A book packed with mama drama


You knew what to expect when you were expecting. But nothing could prepare you for the roller coaster that followed.

Except Motherland by Amy Sohn. Sure, it’s fiction. But the riveting drama that unfolds is a heartfelt and hauntingly true reflection of what it is to be a modern parent.

The interweaving stories follow five mothers and fathers in Cape Cod, Park Slope, and Greenwich Village, who are each trying to juggle it all. Meet an up-and-coming screenwriter who leaves his wife and children for a big break, a former A-list movie star who plots a career revival, and a critical mom who begins an affair with a single dad.

They might not be your life stories. But the emotions — hope, helplessness, joy, anxiety, love — undoubtedly are.

Expect to be hooked.

Available at amazon.com, $14.

Photo: Courtesy of Simon & Schuster