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portraits to the people!

It should go without saying that one’s LinkedIn photo should not contain the duck face. Or a bathroom self-portrait. Or half your ex’s mug.

Allow Sarah Deragon of Portraits to the People to capture you in a more positive light.

The pro photographer specializes in natural shots for work or play. We trust her because she puts ice cubes in her white wine; you should, too, because she takes the time to create a Pinterest board with outfit suggestions for not-so-corporate head shots.

Services include family sessions (tip: Avoid being too matchy), photos for website redesigns, and online dating shots (no Match.com profile was built in a day).

Small business owners and bloggers should attend her class to learn whether Instagram photos will help build their brands.

Or leave them looking like tools.

To book a session, go to portraitstothepeople.com. Instagram class, October 6, 1-4 p.m., at Makeshift Society, 235 Gough Street, between Fell and Oak Streets (415-625-3220). Register (beginning September 1) at makeshiftsociety.com. Sessions start at $200; class is $40.

Photos: Sarah Deragon / Courtesy of Portraits to the People 

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