Nach Porcelain Jewelry

Wearable miniatures hit it big

nach jewellery!

France won just eleven gold medals in London this year. Too bad fashion’s not an Olympic sport.

Going for the gold is team Nach, a spanking-new French bijoux brand from sisters Nancy and Nadia Koch.

The pair, who have a porcelain figurine pedigree (Papa Christian Koch is world renowned for his animal miniatures), are pros at whimsy (we’ve been stalking their tropics-themed designs since we saw them at Paris Fashion Week last fall), but their jewelry is serious business.

From their workshop in Toulouse, they turn out rings with meticulously detailed animal heads (pandas, rabbits, cats, horses). Necklaces jingle jungle-ready parrot charms and childhood touchstones such as rocking horses and starfish. Nonceramic details include leather, rope, gold-plated brass chains, and — in the case of a showstopping swan pendant — feathers.

They’re topflight.

Available at nach-jewellery.com, $45-$235.

Photo: Courtesy of Nach Jewellery