(Boozy) Book Report: "The Cocktail Edition"

A historical guide to stocking the bar

the cocktail edition!

Prepare to get punch drunk.

Chronicle Books’s latest booze bible, The Cocktail Edition: a Compendium of Impish, Romantic, Amusing, and Occasionally Appalling Potations from Bygone Eras, drops today.

Editor Lesley M.M. Blume dishes recipes, organizing drinks by theme (see page 198 for Monkey Glands, Bee’s Knees, and 40 other concoctions named after animals) or occasion (aptly pairing the June Bride with a Great Gatsby quote and instructions to “serve with a prenup.”)

And that was just a taste. — Tiffany J. Davis, Everywhere editor

Available at amazon.com, $11.

Photo: Courtesy of Chronicle Books