Don't Go Commando

Jangcha Child underwear launches

jangcha child underwear!

No ifs, ands, or butts about it, making the move to big-kid underwear is huge. Even if the undies are not.

Celebrate the milestone appropriately with Jangcha Child underpants for boys and girls. Geometric patterns of familiar objects (soccer balls, sharks, balloons, mermaid scales) adorn the new line of all-cotton booty huggers.

For boys, choose briefs or boxer briefs with a thick cotton waistband; girls get full-coverage panties with a tiny pearl button up front. Equal parts playful and sophisticated, the collection strikes the perfect balance between “I’m free years old” and “I’m a big kid now.”

On all the underthings, the tag is on the outside of the back waistband, so it doesn’t itch, scratch, or annoy your go-getter.

Bottoms up.

Available at babybubblenyc.com, $12.

Photos: Courtesy of Jangcha Child