Heaven Tie-Dye Clothing

Our sartorial prayers are answered

heaven clothing!

Our relationship with tie-dye has always been spotty (see: summer camp skin stains, that misguided Phish phase).

These days we leave pigments to the pros. Namely, Kaila C. Niles and her tie-dyed clothing line, Heaven. All pieces in the Oakland-based designer’s collection are repurposed thrift store scores and completely one-of-a-kind.

Inspired by an excellent reaction to an accidental overdye of a silk blazer, Niles immersed herself in the study of Japanese shibori and other resist-dye techniques. Then a stint at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains helped her discover the ideal balance between artsy and earthy.

Her brand of serious saturation (she currently avoids chemicals and uses locally harvested dyes whenever possible) makes the basic pieces look downright painterly. Color us excited about the gauzy rose tunic and oversize linen blazer stained in pale pink.

Dip, dip, hooray.

Available at shop.mothersdaughter.com, $60-$75.

Photos: Courtesy of Heaven