Little Threads: Homespun Vintage

Vintage-inspired kids' clothes

homespun vintage!

Age is a very delicate topic. Unless you’re talking about Homespun Vintage.

California-based moms Kathlene Linehan and Corrie Sullivan began reworking recycled vintage pieces into kids clothing in 2010; this fall marks the launch of their first original collection of vintage-inspired threads.

The mix of dresses, coats, and leggings looks like it’s been stashed in your mother’s basement for the past 50 years — but upon further inspection, the pieces are just as hearty as clothes made today. We’re showing our support for the mini Army jacket whose tiny patches make it look just like the real thing.

Perfect for our troops.

Available at homespunvintage.com, $25-$80.

Photo: Courtesy of Homespun Vintage