Shape Up with The Recoverie

Block-printed home goods

the recoverie!

Timing is everything.

2005 Danielle Broder graduates with a BFA in illustration from California State University, Northridge.

2007 Broder returns for a BS in interior design. Creates block-printed wall hanging for final presentation. Professor geeks out over result. Broder envisions cubicle life. Elects to pursue an alternative route.

2009 Interns for HGTV. Gains full access to West Hollywood’s Pacific Design Center. Spends lunch hour flipping through swatches instead of eating.

2010 Moves to SF. Drools over candy-colored Victorians. Doodles. Chats with artisans at craft shows. Remembers reaction to block-printing work. Inspiration knocks.

2011 Officially launches The Recoverie. Debut consists of block-printed eight-by-ten prints, vintage home accessories, and pillows.

2012 Breaks the mold with a Biba girl- and art nouveau-inspired fall collection full of fabric goods and furniture. Think large dish towels, pillows, and framed fabrics, all stamped in black, white, gold, and deep aubergine tones and geometric patterns.

Future plans: Broder’s itching to pursue an interest in furniture design.

Save the date.

Available at etsy.com, $15-$225.

Photo: Courtesy of The Recoverie