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Ecopia Direct Home-Delivered Greens

Dress to impress

ecopia direct!

We try to be prudent about produce, but sometimes the salad-for-lunch routine (Caesar, Cobb, chopped, repeat) gets stale.

Toss things up with artisanal assortments from Ecopia Farm’s new home-delivery service, Ecopia Direct. To get thinking outside the bag, we asked culinary director Stephen Beaumier for serving suggestions for the mixes.

Artisan lettuce mix: Try with a lighter touch of dressing, like a squeeze of lemon and drizzle of lemon-infused extra-virgin olive oil, plus a dash of salt.

Baby greens mix: Blend kale and chard for a morning smoothie.

Petite greens mix: Use as a finishing garnish with any course other than dessert. A few well-placed pea shoots, chard, and arugula add a lot to a dish.

What a fresh idea.

Available at ecopiadirect.com, $7-$30 per delivery.

Photo: Courtesy of Ecopia Direct