Goodbye, Contact Lists

Ringya's calling


Paper contact lists are to your organization style what landlines are to your communication plan — totally useless.

But for every class, team, or parent group you or your kids join, there’s another mother handing out a sheet of paper with names and phone numbers on it.

Tell them to Ringya. The new app lets you take pictures of those paper lists, then it magically converts them to lists inside your iPhone. It uses character recognition and human oversight to speedily transcribe and organize your son’s soccer teammates by the information provided — kids’ or parents’.

Once the info is uploaded, you can share it with all the other parents on the list. The app also works for digital lists; just email it to the app and it will transfer to your smartphone. Best part: If one of your Ringya contacts calls you, the app identifies them with contextual caller ID (read: Preschool Olivia’s Mom).

Now you’re talking.

Available at ringya.com, free.

Photo: Photo Alto / Milena Boniek / Getty Images