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Feel like a Kid Inside Dolce Amore Cafe

Small wonders for grown-ups

dolce amore cafe!

When you were younger, the idea of an imaginary tea party hosted by David the Gnome, Polly Pocket, and the Smurfs made you excited. Now it just makes you hungry.

Step into Dolce Amore, a new adult dollhouse/dessert cafe full of dainty designs (and portions for big people).

Owners Kevin Cooper and Thi Pham first fell for gelato. Then, after a spoonful of rum raisin and a fateful first kiss, each other. Opening a joint spotlighting Pham’s love for littles seemed like the logical next step.

Curating the Lilliputian paradise involved extensive importing: teeny ice cream cones from Hong Kong, sculpted jewelry from Turkey, and Italian books so petite they’re readable only by microscope.

In addition to rotating gelato and sorbet, there’s breakfast and lunch fare, plus Norman Love Confections.

Just a li’l bit of everything.

Dolce Amore, 1477 Van Ness Avenue, at Pine Street (415-674-7716 or dolceamore.com).

Photos: Courtesy of Dolce Amore

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1477 Van Ness Ave
@ Pine St
San Francisco, CA 94109