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Pantry Picks from Buyer's Best Friend Mercato

A shot in the cart

buyer's best friend mercato gourmet grocery store!

Holiday party hosting is a competitive sport.

Ready to start training? Hit up the new North Beach location of Buyer’s Best Friend Mercato, an epicurean emporium that’s like the Karolyi’s Camp of the artisanal grocery world.

Go for the gold with this preholiday hit list.

Sola Bee Farms Honey ($12)
Exotic varieties (Yellow Thistle Star and local favorites Sacramento Valley Wildflower and Wine Country Wildflower) make the liquid gold a must.

Clarine’s Florentines ($24/dozen)
Pair the locally made treats with an espresso or cappuccino.

Emmy’s Pickles and Jams Red Jalapeno Jelly ($12)
Lovers of the pickled veggies will appreciate her latest kicked-up condiment. Hint: Try it on a biscuit.

Vignette Wine Country Soda ($10)
A Berkeley-brewed alternative to the sparkling stuff you loved as a kid.

Salute Sante Extra-Virgin Cold-Pressed Grapeseed Olive Oil ($10-$16)
With its higher smoke point, the new oil from Napa Valley is a stellar cooking aid.

Buyer’s Best Friend Mercato, 450 Columbus Avenue, between Green and Vallejo Streets (store.bbfdirect.com).

Photo: Tim Lin / Buyer’s Best Friend Mercato

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450 Columbus Ave
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San Francisco, CA 94133