A Rising Star

Noe & Zoe turn it on

noe & zoe!

History is full of dynamic duos. Kermit and Miss Piggy. Bert and Ernie. Batman and Robin.

Add the new children’s clothing line Noe & Zoe to the list. Featuring hand-printed five-point stars and stripes in can’t-miss neon brights, the collection makes a name for itself at first glance.

For fall, the signature motifs are applied to cozy wool/cotton knits ranging from basic leggings to boat-neck tops. Seasonal standouts include a loop scarf, a hipster beanie, and a retro hand muff (with neck strap).

Though the pieces are practical enough for the day-to-day life of busy kids, the founders’ backgrounds in costumes and film are evident in whimsical, theatrical details — a toggled capelet with contrasting animal ears, a tutu with a layer of stars hidden underneath.

Double down on this one.

Available at thumbeline.com, $28-$158.

Photo: Courtesy of Noe & Zoe