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Sideshow by Nicole Plue Is Sweet

Dessert toppings for dreamers


In Hollywood, you lose the lame threads and dye job, make a cameo at the Val party, and life is like a Noxzema commercial.

In the real world, makeovers — including culinary ones — should be left to the professionals. Specifically, Nicole Plue.

The James Beard Award-winning pastry chef’s latest project, Sideshow by Nicole Plue, repurposes classic American pantry staples into decadent desserts and ice cream toppings.

Spruce up scoops with cereal thrillers in three flavors: cashew orange milk chocolate (feuilletine with candied orange zest and roasted nuts), cocoa powder poufs (puffed corn cereal candied and coated in bittersweet chocolate), and salted peanut (milk chocolate, feuilletine, peanut butter, roasted goobers, and Maldon sea salt).

Most ambitious of all? Plue’s saltine upgrade. Dressed in salted butter toffee, bittersweet chocolate, and roasted almonds, it’s the Pretty Woman of the sweets world.

We bet these happy endings will be really popular.

Available at sideshowbynicoleplue.com, $10-$14.

Photo: Courtesy of Sideshow