Food & Drink

Put It in Your Instacart

The roadrunner of food shopping


It started with the weekly run for eggs and protein bars. Then you began to spend a dangerous amount of time in dairy. (No one noticed your fourth lap around the cheese samples, right?)

Cut yourself off cold turkey with Instacart’s home delivery service.

The mobile app recently evolved from its strictly cellular start with an easy-to-navigate online presence. Shop 30,000 items, all organized and categorized for quick desktop browsing.

Addicted to the immediate? Instacart’s team of 40 trained shoppers sweeps through the supermarket, scooping up your items and delivering them to your doorstep in an impressive three hours (text message updates let you know when they’re on their way).

Baking treats and forgot the flour? Upgrade to the one-hour service.

Sm-aisle. Help is on the way.

Available at instacart.com, $4 for three-hour delivery; $15 for one hour (minimum order of $10 is required).

Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez / Getty Images