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McVicker Pickles, Mustards, and Jams

Cuke, I am your father

mcvicker pickles, mustards, and jams!

Notes from a Jedi Farmers Market Board Meeting

Master of Order: With our climate too dry to sustain anything but razor moss and funnel flowers, we need to discuss how best to conserve our produce.

(nervous chatter breaks out)

Grand Master: I have a solution from a hip earthling: We must preserve our universe.

MOO: Who is this earthling you speak of?

GM: Kelly McVicker — the chosen one. Obsessive research and constant tweaking help her put an updated spin on classic recipes for jams, pickles, and mustards. Think pickled strawberries in an apple cider vinegar brine with black peppercorns, serrano chiles, and kefir lime leaves. Or a surprisingly kicky red wine and rosemary mustard.

MOO: Innovation that’s truly light-years ahead. Tell me more.

GM: We can glean wisdom from McVicker and pal Heidi Brown’s passion for preservation via their Can Can Girls project, which provides tips, tricks, and techniques of the trade.

MOO: May the force be with her.

Available at Gourmet & More, 141 Gough Street, at Oak Street (415-874-9133), $6-$20. For more information, go to mcvickerpickles.com and facebook.com.

Photo: Courtesy of McVicker Pickles

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